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General Questions

Where are you located?

The Berk is across the street from UC Berkeley’s campus and has 2 buildings. The Berk on College is located on the southside near the School of Law at 2315 College Ave. The Berk on Arch is located on the northside at 2311 Le Conte Ave. Both buildings are near lots of restaurants and shops with easy access to public transportation!


Am I responsible for paying for the whole room if my roommate fails to pay?

No - each Residency Agreement is for an individual student for their own bed and shared living space.


How do I access the Internet?

Internet is provided and instructions on how to connect are provided upon move in.

If I'm over 21, do I still need a guarantor?

Yes. All leases are required to have a guarantor. If an approved guarantor cannot be obtained, Greystar will accept a security deposit of one (1) month's rent.

Can I bring my pet?

No, pets are not allowed. We do allow fish and service/companion animals.

How are rooms assigned?

Residents who already have preferred roommates can confirm their roommate match requests using RoomSync, our roommate matching platform. If they do not already have a roommate, residents will search and choose their own roommate using RoomSync. Residents will be able to communicate with each other during and after the selection process. In the event that potential roommates discover that they are no longer compatible, they can request a different roommate and we will do our best to accommodate any change request. To provide sufficient time and the greatest opportunity for residents to find the perfect roommate, they should apply and sign a lease as early as possible.

What is the closest dining hall?

Crossroads at 2415 Bowditch Street is a short (less than five minute) walk from The Berk on College. Crossroads serves breakfast, lunch and dinner every weekday, brunch and dinner on Saturdays and Sundays, and holds a popular late night grill and study lounge Sunday through Thursday.

Will you send me a bill for each installment

We do not send out a installment statement. payment is due on the first day of the month. If your rent is not paid by 10AM on the third (3rd) day of the month, your rent is late and you will be charged $25. Beginning with the sixth (6th) day after the due date for payment of a rent installment, you will be charged an additional late charge of $5 per day.

Is smoking allowed in the building?

Smoking is not allowed anywhere within 20 feet of the building pursuant to Berkeley City Code.

Is The Berk part of UC housing?

The Berk offers off-campus housing for Berkeley students and is not part of the University housing system. However, we are closer to campus than any dorm UC Housing offers.

How are roommates matched?

We have partnered with RoomSync to provide a modern matching platform where residents choose their own roommates. After you complete the leasing process you will be emailed a link to join our RoomSync network. You will then log in to RoomSync using Facebook, create a matching profile, and begin your search to find your new best friend - or roommate for starters. If you already have a roommate in mind, you can confirm your roommate request with RoomSync.

Who lives at The Berk?

The Berk on College, located at 2315 College, is an ideal location for students who want the dorm experience on a smaller, more convenient scale. The Berk on Arch at 2311 Le Conte provides a community on the quieter north side of campus, ideally suited for students looking for a close-knit, collaborative community.

Can I bring my car?

Yes. Obtaining a parking space at the house is on a first come, first serve basis and limited spaces are available to residents for a monthly fee.

Does The Berk offer meal plans?

Residents can either use the kitchen to prepare their own food or purchase a meal plan through Cal Dining or International House. For more information about these plans, please visit their websites or talk with a The Berk staff member.

What is the term of the residency agreement?

The term of the Residency Agreement is roughly the UC Berkeley academic year (middle of August - middle of May).

What utilities are included?

Water, sewer, power, and Internet are all included in the installment payments.

What do I do if my roommate or I get sick?

If you have a cold or a mild case of the flu, make sure to drink lots of fluids and get rest. If you are feeling more seriously ill, please notify the Leasing Office. You should also contact the Tang Center.

How far is The Berk from the Fall Program for Freshman Office?

FPF is located at 2515 Hillegass Avenue, less than a ten minute walk from the South House.

Is The Berk wheelchair accessible?

Yes. The Berk and its' amenities are wheelchair accessible.

Renewal Questions

Can I request different roommates?

We want you to be comfortable here, and we will do everything we can to accommodate your roommate requests.

It seems early to renew, I just moved in?

By signing early, you will secure your space for next year and take advantage of the best pricing available.

When do I start paying the new rent amount?

On the first day of your new lease.

What is a "renewal"?

Are you loving it here and can't imagine leaving at the end of your lease? By signing a renewal, you get to extend your stay at our community for another year!

If I renew, do I have to move out and then move back in?

Yes you do unless you have a signed a summer lease agreement.

How do I renew my lease?

Are you loving it here and can't imagine leaving at the end of your lease? By signing a renewal, you get to extend your stay at your community!

When do I start paying the new rent amount?

We know how busy you are, so we have made the process as quick and easy as possible. Renewing is a easy as "1,2,3!" Just following these steps:

1. Open your renewal email from us.
2. Review the terms, and click "Accept"
3. Follow the prompts to sign the new lease agreement.

It's that easy!

I'm graduating in December, can I still renew?

Contact the office for details on the options available to you.